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K2Studio is a stylish, modern, creative team of professionals. We provide a full range of services and consultations with an individual approach to each client.

We love digital marketing and everything associated with it.

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K2Studio is a stylish, modern, creative team of professionals. We love digital marketing and everything associated with it.

Individual approach to each project, advanced technologies for design, unique creative solutions allow us to produce a quality product in the shortest possible time. And the consistently high quality of our work has provided an influx of clients, many of whom work with us on a permanent basis.

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Meeting deadlines

It is important for us not to turn projects into long-term construction


We are focused on long-term cooperation, which means that we want the customer to be satisfied with the quality

We provide discounts

We provide discounts when ordering comprehensive services. Installment payment for 3 months


We record video lessons and teach managers how to manage the CMS system


We analyze competitors, market and demand. We offer variants of project promotion

We speak the Client's language

We explain everything in plain language, without terms and professional slang

Website creation

Design + development + SEO + contextual advertising


How much do your services cost?

In order to determine the cost of studio services in the first place to study your requirements and form the terms of reference based on them. In different sections of the site there are minimum costs for various services. Evaluation of any project always starts with consultation and filling of a brief. Only after the initial terms of reference is formed, we will be able to announce the cost and terms. For example, the development of a website price will depend on many nuances:

  •     The number of landing pages
  •     The need to integrate with CRM
  •     The introduction of complex mechanics
  •     The complexity of the prototype
  •     Is search engine optimization for Google and Yandex and promotion of the site in the top is required?



How to create a website?
  •     discussion of your wishes
  •     audit of available resources and positioning of the company
  •     drafting of terms of reference
  •     cost and timing of development
  •     contract conclusion
  •     development and approval of the site structure
  •     site design development and approval
  •     collection and processing of information to fill the site
  •     layout and programming
  •     Speed, error and cross-browser testing
  •     content creation
  •     training of staff
  •     delivery of the finished site to the customer
  •     technical support and warranty
We are located in another city. Can we cooperate?
Our studio has successful experience of remote work in this area, including with European clients, so the scheme of organizing remote interaction is fine-tuned. We negotiate by phone, email, Skype and Facetime. All documentation is sent by e-mail or, when necessary, by registered mail or fax. Payment is made by bank transfer.
Timeframe for the creation and promotion of the site?

Website creation from 20 working days.

Website promotion from 6 months.

How to update the information on a working site?
If you plan to make changes yourself, we recommend installing a site management system (CMS). With a handy visual editor and built-in tools, you can easily edit sections of the site and information on web pages. Working with CMS is no more complicated than working with MS Word, so even without knowledge of HTML you can easily and quickly update the site.
The decision should be made depending on the type of site and how often you plan to update it.
What's more profitable: to update the site myself or turn to you?
The decision should be made depending on the type of site and the planned frequency of updates.
If you have ordered a landing for a seasonal event, which will be repeated in a year, it will be cheaper to abandon the CMS and entrust the edits to the developer, this will cut down significantly on the cost of creating the site. It's quite another matter if you're creating a blog. In this case CMS is a must and we will train your employees to manage the site, and the developer can be entrusted only with creating additional functionality.

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who ordered the development of the site, remain with us for SEO-promotion and contextual advertising

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