Website of a cosmetics sales company

The site was developed by order of the company "Biovin".
The company is engaged in the wholesale supply of products for aesthetic medicine in Belarus.

The terms of reference for the site was provided by the client, and he was also involved in the design. The main target audience is B2B (cosmetology clinics, as well as doctors engaged in private practice).


Content is presented in an accessible and easy-to-read format. This facilitates easy and effortless perception of the information, which is important for the quickest and most effective assimilation of the material by the target audience. Local navigation is provided by a clear and informative menu. A special advantage is well chosen color design, which fully corresponds to the subject page.

The site consists of four sections: "Home", "Catalog", "News" and "Contact Us". For additional convenience, dynamic page loading with a smooth transition between pages is implemented.




Biovin website
Biovin website

The terms of reference included detailed requirements for functionality, content placement, performance and other technical characteristics of the site, as well as for its design execution. Thanks to this, the layout was developed and brought in line with the client's wishes in the shortest possible time.

The site consists of four sections: "Home Page", "Catalogue", "News" and "Contacts". Dynamic loading of pages with a smooth transition between them was implemented for additional user convenience.

Site speed

The site is very fast and tops in major brand queries.

It is characterized by good adaptability and functions equally correctly in both desktop and mobile versions, and is displayed flawlessly on devices with any screen resolution. The site is a fully functional product and solves all tasks.

desktop version
mobile version

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