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We redesigned the old website version by improving the functionality and performance for the children's school of English language Foxik.

The client’s company specializes in teaching English to children and teenagers by using modern methods and a game-based format for conducting classes. The teaching is carried out by using British textbooks and manuals. The groups are based on age and level of knowledge. The different study programs have been considered, including an express course for teens; every pupil who finishes the course receives a certificate.

The website is implemented in the original combined format, which is an organic combination of a single-page and informational resource. It consists of several landing pages assembled in the website control panel using the element constructor.

It was important to pay the target audience attention to the fact that the trial lesson is free of charge; teaching is conducted according to English textbooks and methods, and the unique FoxCoin system is used to further children’s motivation.

A particular website advantage is the presence of a test module for online assessment of the current level of knowledge. There is also information about teachers, a feedback form, and customer reviews.




Foxik Website
Foxik Website

As a result of redesigning, the website has a new spectacular design, which is fully consistent with its thematic focus.

The content is presented in an easy-to-read format, which arouses keen interest among the target audience. Despite a large number of graphics and the use of animation elements, the resource demonstrates a consistently high speed. A convenient menu provides quick navigation through the website, so the user can easily find the information of interest. All requirements of the technical task are met, and the client is completely satisfied with the result.

Site speed

The site is made on a turnkey basis, implemented on CMS MODX, and integrated with AMO CRM. The program code is perfectly clean and doesn’t contain even the slightest error, which ensures the correct operation of the resource.

The site functions equally correctly on all types of devices, including personal computers and laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

desktop version
mobile version

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