Online store development

Today, the number of purchases on the Internet is huge and continues to grow, and the online store is one of the most effective ways to sell goods and services. That is why, when opening a business, you must immediately think about creating such a resource as an online store.

Advantages of an online store

Wide audience reach

Wide audience reach

Access to a global audience


Possibility of sales 24 hours a day
Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Less expenses compared to an offline store
Speed and convenience

Speed and convenience

Instant access to products for customers


Ability to expand business easily
SEO and marketing

SEO and marketing

Increased visibility in search engines

Your project
will be worked on by

Online store, website development Online store, website development

Project Manager

Leads the project from the approval of the terms of reference and prototyping to launch and testing. Organizes communication between the customer and all specialists involved in production.

UI/UX designer

Responsible for usability and creates an exclusive design based on corporate style.

Frontend developer

Creates an HTML template based on a layout provided by a web designer. The result of his work are adaptive page templates without errors and with high loading speed. Also responsible for displaying and optimizing interactive content.

Backend developer

With the help of programming languages, fills templates with life. Responsible for the implementation of the internal functions of the site.

SEO Specialist

Evaluates the results of metrics and analytics. Promotes the site in search networks to attract traffic.


Sets up contextual advertising (adwords and direkt) so that as many people as possible learn about you and your line of products and services. Helps to find your target audience on the Internet.


Writes texts that help drive sales and improve website visibility. Helps you better communicate your benefits.

How we work

Contact us in a convenient way for you
Contact us
in a convenient
way for you
Fill out the brief for the selected services
Fill out the brief for the selected services
We develop marketing strategy
We develop
marketing strategy
We conclude an agreement
We conclude an agreement
Completing assigned tasks on time
Completing assigned tasks on time
We provide reports on the work done
We provide reports
on the work done

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91% of clients stay with us on a permanent cooperation!
91% of clients stay with us on a permanent cooperation!

comprehensive services are more beneficial!

When ordering a site with
promotion, you get discounts up to 15%


What content management system do you use?

We develop websites based on CMS MODX. To implement the functionality of an online store, we use its Minishop2 component. On the basis of this software, various stores can be implemented, ranging from small artisan stores to huge markets with many categories and a large number of products. In addition, it is relatively easy to conduct SEO optimization.

Which hosting to choose?

When choosing a hosting, it is very important to pay attention to the speed of its work.

!!!In many states there are rules for storing information, which greatly narrows the choice. It is very important to study this issue before making a decision to buy hosting.

Will I be able to fill the store myself?

Of course! We record educational videos in which we tell:

  • How to process orders and track the average check
  • How to manage product or rate cards
  • How to edit the content of info pages
  • How to edit the structure of product categories and catalog
  • How to manage customer accounts
  • How to manage shipping methods and set a minimum cart size

If you have any questions about site management, we will patiently explain again.

What payment services can we use?

Any. For most popular online payment services, there are ready-made modules that can be easily integrated. If you have chosen some unpopular service, we will be able to develop an integration module on our own.

Can pre-made templates be used?
It is possible, but often the benefit of using ready-made template solutions will be offset by a primitive design, limited functionality, errors in the code, etc.
How to bring customers to my site?

First, you need to estimate the budget that you are willing to spend on attracting customers. Depending on this, as well as taking into account the specifics of your product, you can use different ways to attract traffic:

  • Contextual advertising will give a quick result (Yandex and Google)
  • SEO - promotion in search
  • Advertising in any of the social networks
  • Commissioned articles in well-known publics or bloggers
  • If you already have a customer base, you can use mailing lists
Можем ли мы сделать интеграцию с нашей CRM?

Most modern relationship management systems (Bitrix, AMO, etc.) have the ability to integrate and automatically create leads.

Any questions?

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