Parquet distributor

The company-distributor of parquet is engaged in supply and sale of parquet of various types and kinds. It offers its customers high quality products, flexibility in work and affordable prices. The company works in the B2B format and specializes in supplying parquet in bulk for various objects, including private houses, offices, hotels, restaurants and stores.

We are proud of the fact that our web studio was involved in the creation of a large catalog site for a parquet flooring distributor company. The site was designed with the main specifics of the company, which is focused on business clients and provides high quality products with a flexible pricing policy.

If you visited the site you must have noticed that it consists of several parts: product catalog, documentation section, realized projects section and blog. Each part of the site has been developed with great care in order to provide maximum comfort and convenience to the users.

One of the main features of our project is a modern design, which stands out against the background of competitors. We made sure that the appearance of the site corresponds to the latest trends in web design, while not yielding to usability.

In addition, we optimized the site's structure for SEO to help our client attract new visitors from search engines. Thanks to this, the company's website received a large number of organic hits, which had a positive effect on the company's business.

We also paid a lot of attention to convenient navigation on the site, so that users could quickly and easily find the information they needed.

Me-floor website
Me-floor website

Site speed

Finally, we want to draw your attention to another important aspect of our project - the high speed of the site. We ensured quick and smooth access to the information on the site, which is important for user satisfaction and satisfaction.

Overall, we believe that our project is a successful example of how to create a modern, effective and attractive website for businesses in any field of activity.

desktop version
mobile version

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