Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a powerful Internet marketing tool with huge functionality that helps to attract targeted interested visitors to your website in a short time. The key to success is to choose the right type of advertising campaign and its professional optimization, which provides maximum return on investment.

Comprehensive approach of the specialists of our studio will help you to do it!

Setting contextual advertising with k2studio - an effective way to attract new customers to your site

These are short, text or banner ads on the pages of search engines, which are shown to the user at the right time for thematic queries
Attracting thematic traffic
Informing about advertising action
Quick result
Broad audience coverage
Increase in sales
Increasing brand awareness

We offer a comprehensive approach to set up contextual advertising

and market monitoring

Marketing analysis of your business, direct competitors, collecting a portrait of the target audience and its needs

Developing an effective strategy

a set of measures to define the objectives, we develop and create a unique selling proposition

Preparing a promotional campaign

We offer options for ads, select keywords and queries, plan the budget

Setting up and running an advertising campaign

Setting up the parameters of advertisements: audience, location, duration, etc.

Analysis and optimization

Monitor the effectiveness of ads, conduct A/B testing, remove ineffective requests, make changes, achieve higher conversions.

comprehensive services are more profitable!

When ordering a website with promotion
you get discounts up to 15%

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How can I track the effectiveness of advertising?

When we provide the service of context management, at the end of the reporting period (or more often, upon request) we provide reports on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign on the basis of analytics data. The report includes indicators such as:

  • The number of impressions of different advertising campaigns
  • Bounce rate
  • CTR
  • cost per click
  • Frequency of target response

We also make a plan and recommendations for the next month.

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What is your job in conducting

Customers often wonder why they need our services after advertising is already set up?

It's very simple! Unfortunately, it is impossible to set up advertising perfectly at once. We set up ads based on a number of assumptions, as well as data from various services, such as web analytics, adwords, etc. This data allows you to make a basic adjustment, which then requires improvement to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. The advertising campaign should be optimized, new keywords and minus-words should be added, the cost per click should be optimized and the cost per lead should be reduced.

Advertising in social networks is also contact advertising?

No, advertising in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., is called SMM and is set up by a separate specialist.

What are the advantages of contextual advertising?

The main advantages of such advertising on the Internet is:

  1. Targeting. You can select the group of users you are interested in with the interests you want.
  2. Speed. The first visitors will be on your site immediately after the launch of advertising.
  3. Flexibility. You can adjust the rates for your ads, finding the ideal balance.
  4. Transparency. Modern web analytics systems allow you to track the effectiveness of your budget. You only pay money to the people you are interested in.



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91% of clients stay with us on a permanent cooperation!