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The website is a great communication between the business and the customer. A good website helps solve a huge range of issues related to increasing brand or company awareness and increasing sales. To understand what kind of website you need for your business, you need to determine what goals and objectives it will fulfill.




How we work

Contact us in a convenient way for you
Contact us
in a convenient way
for you
Fill out the brief for the selected services
Fill out the brief for the selected services
We develop marketing strategy
We develop
marketing strategy
Signing the contract
Signing the contract
Fulfill tasks on time
Fulfill tasks on time
We provide reporting on the work done
We provide reporting
on the work done

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Website Development Website Development

Project Manager

Leads the project from start to finish, organizes the smooth operation of all processes and ensures communication between the customer and other specialists.

UI/UX designer

"Improved version" of the web designer, which creates not only a unique stylish design, but also makes it convenient and intuitive for the user.

Front end developer

Creates an HTML template for the site based on the layout provided by the web designer.

Web Developer

Using various programming languages, he writes, updates, fixes and improves algorithms for websites and mobile applications.

SEO Specialist

Is engaged in the optimization of sites and their promotion in search engines.


Writes texts that help drive sales and improve site visibility.

Contextual Advertising Specialist

Specialist who is engaged in setting up, maintaining and analyzing contextual advertising in the search engines Google and Yandex.

The advantages of developing a turnkey website


of the niche, competitors and target audience


of the site for seo-promotion


the site (copywriting)


of Promotion


a unique design project, taking into account the wishes of the customer


on advertising and promotion

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91% of clients stay with us on a permanent cooperation!
91% of clients stay with us on a permanent cooperation!

Turnkey website creation

Design + development + SEO + contextual advertising


Why go to the studio if you can build a site using the constructor (Wix, Tilda, etc.)?

You can. Today's platform designers provide a profitable and flexible line of rates, but you will encounter problems immediately after your site becomes a little more than a business card site and the number of pages grows. About pros and cons of website development using constructors we tell in our blog.

What CMS is the best way to create a website?

It's very simple, every developer chooses and studies their toolkit and is willing to talk at length about its benefits. So developer on Wordpress will be very colorful about its charms. As our main (but not the only) CMS we choose MODX. We chose this CMS because of its flexibility and a lot of different components and tools, which help to speed up development. About this CMS we tell in our blog, moreover we are officially certified developers.

How will I edit my site?

We record a video for your site officer with examples of content editing.

Which hosting should I choose?

When choosing a hosting it is very important to pay attention to the speed of its work.

!!!In many states, there are rules for storing information, which greatly narrows the choice. It is very important to study this issue before deciding to buy hosting.

How to bring customers to my site?

To begin with, you need to estimate the budget that you are willing to spend on attracting customers. Depending on this, as well as taking into account the specifics of your product, you can use different ways to attract traffic:

  • Contextual advertising will give quick results (Yandex and Google)
  • SEO - search engine promotion
  • Advertising in any social network
  • Commissioned articles in known publishers or bloggers.
  • If you already have a customer base is possible to use mailing lists



Can we do integration with our CRM?

Most modern relationship management systems (Bitrix, AMO, etc.) have the ability to integrate and automatically create leads.

How does the development of the design concept of the site?

You fill out a brief for the development of site design, which lists in detail the requirements and wishes for design. Usually the design is developed on the basis of the corporate identity of the company.

Within 5 days after the start of work we create a prototype of the home page. After its approval we fill it with colors and design elements.

Will the site look good on mobile devices?

Modern layout standards imply adaptability. Creating a prototype of the future site, the designer draws 3-4 versions for different devices with different screen resolutions. Thanks to this, the site will display correctly on all devices.

Any questions?

Fill out the feedback form and our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.