SEO promotion

What is SEO?

Website promotion is a huge complex of actions for the promotion and promotion of the site in the top search engine results, which is handled by a team of professionals.

Our task is to achieve the client's goals of increasing conversions, increasing the customer base, increasing brand awareness and business development.

Analysis and audit
Internal optimization
External optimization


Analysis and audit

  • Analysis of goals, audience
  • Analysis of competitors in search engines and forecasting
  • Technical audit of the site
  • Usability analysis and making recommendations
  • Analyze the current position of the site
  • Setting up Google Search Console, Google Analytics counters
  • Making a plan of action

Internal and external optimization

  • Analysis and collection of the semantic core
  • Correcting basic technical errors and speeding up the site
  • Internal seo-optimization of the site, work with meta tags.
  • Setting goals and metrics
  • Introducing micromarking
  • Working out the structure of the site
  • Working with content, text writing and linking
  • Analysis of the reference mass its building


  • Analysis of the behavioral factor on the site using web analytics tools
  • Analysis of competitors, niches, introduction of new tools
  • Tracking results and key indicators during the reporting period
  • Writing a content plan
  • Monthly reporting on the work done and the plan for the month

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Is any site suitable for promotion?

No. The technical condition of some sites precludes promotion. Some low-quality open access themes contain so many errors that it is cheaper to redo the site completely than to try to fix them.

In the same way, some of the landing pages, depending on the subject matter and competition in the niche, are poorly suited for promotion or make it impossible.

Traffic to such sites is best obtained from other channels. For example, with contextual and media (kms and rsya) advertising (Google Adwords), targeted advertising campaign in social networks (instagram, facebook, vk and others) or other sources.

How to determine the budget for SEO services?

The price depends on several factors:

  • The strategy chosen.
  • The number of necessary modifications, in case we will do them. If you already have a developer, we will prepare a list of necessary modifications.
  • The number of pages to be promoted and the main queries.
  • The level of competition in the niche.

After discussing and agreeing the terms of reference, we can prepare an individual proposal for you.




Why do I need SEO?

There is an opinion that the ultimate goal is to increase traffic and promote queries to the top of Google or Yandex.

This is not exactly true. The most important goal is to help the site to perform its main function. For online stores is an increase in sales of goods and as a consequence an increase in profits, for those who sell services - the number of requests and leads (here we mean quality leads), for information sites - the number of users of the resource (to keep the old and attract new ones). It is these indicators ultimately need to be taken into account as a result of the work.

How do I determine the technical status of my site?

We provide a service for auditing websites. It happens in the following way:

  1. We enter into a contract.
  2. You provide full access to metrics.
  3. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of all collected data.
  4. We provide a detailed report and specific recommendations to eliminate errors.
  5. We hold a discussion. If any questions arise, we'll be sure to answer them all.



What makes up the rate for promotion?

From the technical condition. Some errors can be fixed in a few minutes, while others take hours.

From the type of site and the number of high, medium and low frequency queries.

How to make SEO cheaper?
We provide discounts on all additional services (SEO, branding, etc.) to clients who order development. Discount for SEO is formed by the fact that as a result of website development you get an optimized product, which does not need to fix errors, and the site is designed taking into account the peculiarities of search engine ranking.

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91% of clients stay with us on a permanent cooperation!