Creating a landing page with K2Studio

Creating a landing page with K2Studio

Should you need a website with a high conversion rate, the landing page , is a great choice. It provides the most important information in the most visual form and motivates the user to concrete actions. The development of a landing page requires specific analysis that will ensure accurate identification of potential buyers of a particular product.

The main goal of the landing page is to attract new customers.

Points to pay attention while creating a landing page

Creating a landing page with K2Studio

A headline.

This is the most important text on the website. When reading it, the website visitor should understand immediately what products or services the website is dedicated to.
Creating a landing page with K2Studio

Interface and responsive design.

The website should look effective and inspire confidence in the company.
Creating a landing page with K2Studio

Selling texts.

Content that should convey all the necessary information to the client in an accessible form and motivate him to place an order.
Creating a landing page with K2Studio

Leads sources.

It is necessary to ensure the easiest communication between the client and you.

Visiting such website by users
is provided through several ways:

Creating a landing page with K2Studio

links on social networks

Creating a landing page with K2Studio

advertising campaign in search networks

Creating a landing page with K2Studio

email marketing

Such techniques enable us to receive traffic on the website in the shortest possible and, as a result, start selling goods or services. The most critical is to understand exactly who your target audience is.

Stages of landing page development


Product study.

To create an effective website, we should learn how to sell it ourselves. To do this, we study your materials and consult with your managers.



Identifying key benefits

When creating a landing page, you need to focus on product advantages, as well as on facts inspiring confidence in your company.



Building website structure.

We place the elements on the page. This includes: beautiful images, facts about a product or service, trust triggers, lead sources, etc.



Developing a unique design

We develop a unique, bright and eye-pleasing design, graphically highlighting the most important information.




We fill the landing page with texts written on the basis of the collected information.



Template layout.

We create a template paying special attention to the convenience of the mobile version of the website.



Website programming.

We connect the management system. As a result, a person unskilled in technology and programming will be able to change the website content.

Price of landing page development

The simplest version of a landing page involves two experts. A designer who creates a unique design intended to showcase your product or service, and a layout designer who converts the images into a website. In this case, however, the website conversion and traffic shall be the responsibility of the customer. The best option is when a well-coordinated team of a marketer, designer, programmer, specialists in SEO promotion and contextual advertising works on the order implementation. This is where website effect will be most productive.

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