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Developing an online store with K2Studio

As of today, the number of online purchases is huge and is constantly increasing, and an online store is one of the most effective ways to sell goods and services. This is why, when starting a business, one should think about creating an online store.

When developing an online store, its main function, to sell, should be kept in mind. Recent research shows that each extra click made during online purchase weeds out up to 30% of potential buyers. Therefore, special attention during online store development should be paid to purchase process convenience. This is one of the key indicators of the website quality. The second critical point is a well-thought and original description of products. When seeing high-quality photos of goods and their description, a visitor should want to make a purchase on your website.

A standard online store includes:

  • High-quality web design.
  • E-catalogue of products.
  • Order cart.
  • Order calculator.
  • E-notifications for users and administrator of the online store.

Advantages of an online store compared to a classic one:

Online Store Development

Open 24/7.

The ability for customers to place orders at any time.
Online Store Development

Requires less staff.

Requires much less effort orders and sales processing
Online Store Development


The ability to integrate with most CRM systems. This integration will facilitate interaction with customers.
Online Store Development

Virtual showroom

There is no need to rent commercial premises.

It is important to think about
how to tell users about your store:

Online Store Development

links on social networks

Online Store Development


Online Store Development

advertising on search networks

The structure of the store usually enables using many ways to get useful traffic.

Stages of online store development


Collecting information.

Studying the industry you work in, as well as websites of competitors. Creating a list of requirements the website should meet. Creating a client's portrait.



Design development.

We develop an attractive adaptive design, think through the purchase algorithm.




We program the logic of work, install a content management system.



Developing a unique design

We develop a unique, bright and eye-pleasing design, graphically highlighting the most important information.



Filling with goods.

We fill the store with goods. Special attention should be paid to high-quality photos and products description.




We launch the store, configure integration with your CRM system.


The cost of creating an Online Store

It is not difficult to develop a simple online store, but if you need to make it easy for the visitor and, most importantly, to make a purchase, you will have to do much effort. Creating an online store is a complex and multi-step process that includes:
  1. analysis of competitors' websites, both local and overseas
  2. designing a convenient website
  3. design creation
  4. multimple testing

Each of these tasks is implemented by a separate expert, all together making the final cost of the website.

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